Welcome to the official website of the
Charleston School District


On behalf of the many people committed to providing the best educational opportunities possible,   we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our website and proudly share important information about our work to meet the total needs of Charleston students and promote their overall development. 

District’s Goal 

The Charleston School District’s goal is to offer an educational program that enables our children to become proficient in reading, writing, math, science, history, and technology.  We carefully align electives to support student learning in content subject areas, while also offering a variety of extracurricular programs to help students learn about core ethical values and develop socially.  Furthermore, our compassionate special education department works diligently to help students meet their academic goals and develop necessary life skills. 

Common Objective 

At Charleston, we believe highly qualified, caring people make a real difference.  The district’s dedicated staff has a positive impact on students and strives to provide a safe, healthy learning environment.  The staff, administration and Board of Education share a common objective:  Graduate Charleston students with versatile skills and comprehensive knowledge—graduates who are prepared to face an adult world, pursue their secondary education, and/or enter a competitive workforce. 

Elementary and Middle Schools

Foundation for Lifelong Learning

 Very important lessons begin in students’ early years and continue through each level of learning. The work to accomplish our long-term objective starts on the very first day students start school, and that work continues everyday throughout the school years, from pre-kindergarten to graduation. The foundation for lifelong learning and academic success is built strong by students who are eager to learn from a highly qualified elementary and middle school staff.  While daily lessons target the basic principles of education, we also utilize innovative techniques to train students for a quickly changing society by teaching essential thinking skills and comprehensive problem solving. 

High School

Total School Program 

As students grow and prepare to enter an ever-changing adult world, learning continues with an outstanding high school staff that is committed to academic proficiency and helping students benefit from the total school program. To enrich this purpose, the high school offers a variety of relevant electives such as career and consumer education, computer applications, media, construction technology, art, music, band, foreign language, physical education, team sports, and athletics. Skills learned through elective courses support student knowledge in core content subject areas.  Additionally, there are many extracurricular activities offered to aid character development, social and leadership skills, and students’ ability to work within a team.

Concurrent High School and College Credit

Students who wish to get a head start and prepare themselves to enter the workforce or further their education may take concurrent high school and college classes such as Robotics or the Certified Nursing Assistant program for example. Students have the opportunity to earn concurrent college credit through distance learning or by participating in the Western Arkansas Technical Center (WATC) program offered by the district and UAFS.  Many students challenge themselves by taking advance placement courses. 

Continuous Improvement  

Although the Arkansas Department of Education has previously identified Charleston Schools among the top 20% performing schools in Arkansas based on state mandated testing, we hold firm to the philosophy that we must not become satisfied with past success, but rather strive for continuous improvement.  To this end, we work diligently to consistently meet the needs of our students and keep moving toward the best desired results.

School Based Health Clinic

The district also recognizes that students who are happy and healthy tend to thrive; therefore, we proudly offer our students on-site school based healthcare including health, dental, vision, and mental health services. Both school attendance and academic success are enhanced by these on-site services that provide families with timely and essential access to school and community resources.

Learning Environment  

It’s our pleasure and great honor to work with Charleston students and their families who trust us to foster a learning environment with love, encouragement, and inspiration. We encourage you to contact us if you would like to know more about the many outstanding things happening at the Charleston School District— where excellence prevails thanks to the unwavering commitment of an efficient Board of Education, dedicated administration, highly qualified staff, talented students, supportive families, and loyal members of the community.